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Hargrove's Vision - SPOILER ALERT

Despite the Third Shivan War's escalation, the research and development of the Sol Gate Project was not put on hold. Instead, it was placed at the lowest priority in the Terran Asembly's agenda. Most of the scientific work and resource allocation were redirected to support the war effort. The project's lead scientist, Dr. Mina Hargrove, even after being ordered by the High Council to concentrate her attention in improving our chances in the war, continued on her quest to break the secrets of the ancient Knossos. The GTVA High Command regarded her motivations as an obsession. Nevertheless, it was tolerated as long as she prioritize her work for the military's advantage over the Shivans. Her personal drive can help fulfill the human dream to reconnect Earth.

Dr. Hargrove had made several breakthroughs with outstanding results. From the development of the new hull armor to weapon designs. Along with it, her research of the Sol Gate was actually reinforced especially by the data gathered from captured Shivan technologies. Her ingenious idea on how to rapidly construct numerous shipyards and war factories in a short time was, actually, the foremost method that will be used in building that massive portal and not only to Earth, but to other stars as well. To expand our horizons.

The brilliant scientist made a proposal that changed the outlook of this war. Originally, the GTVA's intention was to devastate the Shivans and push them away from our territories but Hargrove pointed out that this approach will only result to an endless battle with the enemy. The only way to end our strife with the destroyers and to prevent future wars is to take the battle to their shores. She further elaborated that the Shivan planet is the ultimate prize. A real treasure vault that contained vast libraries of technologies and resources that will make us formidable to any species in the universe. Although her vision was somewhat ludicrous and farfetched, The GTVA High Council unanimously agreed to it. The military were amazed. For a civilian, Hargrove has the best tactical solution. It was on that day our campaign goal was changed. The planet Shiva must be captured.