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The Latest on Shivan Tech

In an attempt to reverse engineer the captured Shivan crafts to enable us to utilize them, our scientists made startling discoveries. The Shivan ship control systems are beyond our understanding or maybe their technology is not what we normally expect; certainly, there is no surprise there. Our computers and electronic circuitry used optical wires and crystalline ferromite relays to distribute electricity and photons to control our mechanisms. The Shivan 'electronics' (if we are allowed to call it that), however, used silica plates and a combination of attaching components that are unknown in our present periodic table. There are no hints of wirings, conduits or pathways that would suggest the distribution of energy but the plates did exert a harmonic resonance analogous to the way our jump drives vibrate our ships to create a subspace vortex. Dr. Mina Hargrove deduced that the only possible explanation to this is that the Shivan control mechanisms do not exist in our dimensional plane almost suggesting a 'quantum entanglement' process and non-local energy transfer. So it is impossible to directly observe and analyze the inner workings of a Shivan craft. The engineering staff had no option but to strip down the control plates and replaced them with our own electronics but only up to a point without degrading the ship's integrity. Just the basic ship and weapons controls. Nonetheless, Dr. Hargrove is optimistic of the current findings as meager as it is. The very pattern of Shivan 'electronics' can be mimicked by using our understanding of subspace and the Laws of Quantum Physics. It will further reinforce our knowledge to build our own subspace portal because the Knossos 'circuitry,' although not of Shivan origin, shares a striking similarity with that of the Shivans.