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Is it possible to use Trackir with Wing Commander Saga?



In theory, it should be, TrackIR support has been around for a while now.

A friend of mine tried it out and TrackIR does indeed work with WCS. You just need to put the file trackir.dll of FSO into the root directory of WCS.
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Yep it works fine.


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Sounds great. Doesn't work for me though. Can you please give more specific instructions though?

I tried copying the DLLs from to \FreespaceOpen\Wing_Commander_Saga\Wing_Commander_Saga-0.9.6
Doesn't do anything. I also tried copying it into various FSO insalltion folders such as \FreespaceOpen\bin\FSO-21.4.0\windows\x64 and \FreespaceOpen\bin\FSO-21.4.0\windows\x64\bin. No success either.


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Steps copied from Discord:
Download and install FreeTrack
Put the FreeTrack dll in the main FreeTrack directory.
Set FreeTrack to run as an Administrator with Windows 7 compatibility (right click on the .exe>properties>compatibility tab).
Put the other DLL file in the FSO build folder: \bin\<version>\windows\x64.


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lol. thanks, buddy! I had checked on discord in the meantime and found the same entry. FreeTrack is something else though.

I've still got it to work by copying scptrackir64.dll and scptrackir.dll into:

and then forcing Wing Commander Saga to use \FreespaceOpen\bin\FSO-21.4.0\windows\x64_avx\fs2_open_21_4_0_x64_AVX.exe . You can do that in Knossos / Options button of the mod / FSO Settings / FSO build.

Now what I don't understand which executable (the "mod default") WGS used before I forced this on it, if not any from the four directories above. Well, so be it. It works.