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Voice Actor
Past Experience?

Admiral Ahmose
Accent:  American Midwestern
Past Experience:  BWO Demo, Professional radio; work on unreleased Rogue Intentions episode
Samples: Rogue Intentions Monologue, Forceful, Confused, Commanding, Reply to Command

Accent:  Australian
Past Experience:  Derelict (Kyle Athanas, Gorgon Cannon, Adam Tarovich, Qualmotep)
Samples:  See Derelict Voiceacting.

Accent:  American Midwestern
Past Experience:  No released campaigns; work on unreleased Rogue Intentions sequel.
Samples:  Command, Pilot 1, Pilot 2.

Accent/Description:  American, moderate to deep voice.
Past Experience:  None (?)
Samples: Moderate 1, Moderate 2, Moderate 3, Moderate 4, Deep 1, Deep 2

Accent/Description:  American, variable
Past Experience:  Derelict (Tau Sigma Station, Debriefing), Shrouding the Light (Commodore Cooper), unreleased RI chapter
Samples:  See Derelict Voiceacting, See Attachment for Rogue Intentions Samples

Accent:  Eastern European (Russian, Croatian)
Past Experience:  None released (?), work on unreleased Rogue Intentions sequel

Accent:  Very deep, neutral.
Past Experience:  Working on new Blaise Russel campaign.
Samples: One, Two, Three, Four

A very rough list at the moment.  I will add the Derelict VA samples later, as well as the many Derelict actors that aren't currently on the list.  Feel free to mention other people as well.

Thanks a lot for putting this together.  I meant to do this as soon as the forum was created, but I never got around to it.  Stickied. :)

P.S. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of updating my own entry a little. ;)

I also worked on Raider Wars as Fencer, the Raider boss. I also had quite a few more roles in Derelict, according to the credits:

Kyle Athanas, Kappa 1, Sophron, Pillager, Zenith, Mr. Tarovich, Nyarlathotep Command, Arcturus, Rebel 1, Event Horizon, Alpha 5, Alpha 6, Thalos, Pandora, Beaufort, Gabriel, Grace, Hyperion, Galahad, Gorgon Cannon, Luxor Station, Resheph, Qualmotep, Estennu, Sopedu, Seleket  :eek:

If this helps any...

where the heck did you find the spoofs? :D :p


--- Quote from: pecenipicek on October 31, 2006, 09:16:51 am ---where the heck did you find the spoofs? :D :p

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In your thread. :p


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