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Battuta's Guide to Finding Your First (Or Next!) Campaign

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--- Quote from: JSRNerdo on February 18, 2017, 02:50:55 am ---
--- Quote from: General Battuta on April 25, 2012, 06:41:57 pm ---Damn that cliffhanger! I want to play something that feels like a conclusion to the FreeSpace story, even if it's not the one I imagined!

You can't!

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The Aftermath, a 55+ mission epic that is, as far as I know, the one and only fully released campaign that provides a full conclusion to the mystery of the Shivans! At 55+ missions, it also may as well be the single largest released mod ever, as well! Absolutely worth a try, if not a full play! Experience the brutality of war as Command casually orders gas tankers to crash into Lucifers, executes Alpha 1 for straying more than 200 meters away from his wing leader, and ends a mission with a debriefing that is, quite literally, and I quote: "THOSE BASTARDS..."

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I'm not sure how long the campaign is but Revenge: Final conflict also had a solid conclusion to it. It's old 80+ missions, buggy, I think it was a German mod I'm not sure. It was a good example of creativity with working only FS2 assets.

Also, the campaign "Incursion" (of the FSCRP project "Incursion+Return To Sol") offers a conclusion to the Shivan issue.

I want to note that the The Babylon Project is described incorrectly :-)

"Orpheus alone made campaigns from the point of view of members of the PsiCorps, as a Shadow fighter (which included one of the first uses of in-mission jumps), and as a raider/mercenary."

The later two campaigs were made by me :-) Sins of my youth. In-mission jumps and player-triggered slow motion combat. Along with imature writing, bad pacing, massive gameplay and spelling problems and what else. Came a long way.

Hello, where can i find mod Sol: A History to download it?

The easiest way is to install Knossos(here's the download thread) and download from there.  When I was trying to upload it there, I found a bunch of different copies lying around on various sites, none of which really worked properly.


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