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RELEASE: The Scroll of Atankharzim, Part I

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Scroll is compatible with MVP 4.5, so if you want to edit the mod.ini or mod.json, you can do so.

Version 1.8.8 is out (belatedly) on Knossos and FSO Installer.  This fixes the support ship bug in Live Trapping, and also fixes some ship references in Crashing the Party that are caught by newer FSO builds.

Irkalla Passes fails to load from the tech room. Using the latest nightly.

Thanks.  Uploading 1.8.9 to fix it.

I forget the name of the mission, but it's I believe a few missions into the GVTA path (after you choose the branch point).  It's the mission where you're trying to escort cargo to establish a supply chain to assault the NGC system. 

When the Shivans send their own ships to capture some of your cargo people speculate about why they did that as it's unlike what people have seen from Shivans.  Even the debriefing is confounded by it.

Will we learn more about that atypical Shivan behavior in Scroll 2 or was that a one off incident?


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