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RELEASE: The Scroll of Atankharzim, Part I

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There is an explanation for it, but it exists only in the mind of Sesquipedalian.  Unfortunately he is not around these days to provide story guidance.

Version 1.8.10 is out with the following updates:
* Use a 22.0 flag to fix turret impact detection on the Arachnas
* Fix which turrets the AI targeted in Arachnophobia
* Restore shields on the Irkalla in Lucifer's Cloak
* Use fixed AI pathing behavior
* Fix a bug in Through the Looking Glass that made the distraction event impossible in 1/3 of situations

Thank you for the update.

A minor suggestion:  I noticed that the newest version of Scroll is on the FSO Installer.  However, I also noticed that the most recent official build on the Installer is 21.4.0.  Since the newest update needs 22.0 (also assuming you want to continue to post stuff on the Installer), could the Installer be updated to have 22.0 as well?

Yeah, I'll update that.

Thanks.   :)

Sorry to bug you about this, but since you're still working with the Installer, could you put on the new 4.6.X MediaVPs as well if possible?


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