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The Bite-Sized HLP Newsletter November 2017


The normal method of newslettering is in a status of quantum flux so we're just going to have a slightly cut down version of the normal thing. Forum formatting is also kindy wonky, so bear with me.

Please forgive me if I miss your news this month, the wackiness of the forums impedes on my news snooping.

Note: Some links may not take you directly to the post I intended so you may need to scroll a bit down...

Campaign News:
Novachen has released a German translation for Silent Threat: Reborn!

Spoon has a short bit of gameplay for your viewing pleasure!

Exile sounds like it is "very, very, VERY" close to a release soon!

EDIT: So close to a release that it happened just after the newsletter went live!!

Coding News:
m!m added sound sets to the codebase. This allows a single sound entry to have more than one sound associated with it, as well as subtle pitch bending to make sounds a bit more involved.

DahBlount fixed some Dradis rendering issues. So if you've been playing Diaspora and it looked like your Dradis was hacked by Cylons, try a nightly and see if you've got situational awareness back.

In neat looking Pull Requests on GitHub we have

Allow BMPMAN slot limit to be defined by mod table. If your project is particularly high intensity, this might be something you'll be looking for. The only question is how performance goes as you increase that limit up and up...

And in must must must read, see, and test news...

ngld and mjn.mixael have been hard at work developing the next generation installer/launcher Knossos. Version 0.6 has been released, so give it a try and give some encouragement and insightful feedback.

Modding News:
Wet Orange Ostrich Toilet has some spoopy "Creatures of the Abyss" in development. I wonder if they can tell us what a Fenris-class cruiser tastes like...

Over in "What Are You Working On", Trashman has some neat WIP pics of some oldies getting a facelift, DefCynodont119's mission, Legion's Demise is nearing completion, and some neat Star Wars headanis from coffeesoft.

Screencap Contest:

Last month's theme was Spooky Scary! And I saw a lot of good pics! But the one that sent the most chills up my back was BlackWolf's 2spoopy4me Smokey Shivan Spike-Fest!

Honorable mention goes out to tomimaki's great shot of a Ravana exiting subspace.

This now takes our scoreboard to:

Darius - 1
niffiwan - 1
tomimaki - 2
thisisaverylongusername - 1
Frikgfeek - 1
Nyctaeus - 1
DahBlount - 1
deathsnake - 1
BlackWolf - 1

We're almost to the end of the year and its such a wide spread between a lot of people. But there's still 2 months to go, anyone could take it! (If its tied by the end of the year, I think I'll just give all the winners the award)

So November's theme is:


Make us proud, pilots.

Bryan See:
Excuse me, I can't see this on the front page of this website.

You are excused.  Until it appears on the front page, you can see it here.


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