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FotG Carrack Test (HD!)

See?  Activity!


Though the Freespace explosions just don't work for Star Wars capital ships.

Wow, that's fast-paced.  Awesome stuff. :)

This looks REALLY exciting!  I'm highly anticipating any sort of release of this mod - it's just amazing. The fast pacing really does make it feel very cinematic and straight out of the movies - my only complaint of what I saw in the clip is that the sensor dish on the carrack was spinning super fast - it probably could be slowed way down, or even set as a static.

I was only able to watch this on my phone though, as YouTube's blocked at work.  I'll have to watch it again at home this evening to get a better view.

Great job!  Keep up the good work!

The radar on that friendly cruiser is weird... But I like the vid :)


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