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Props for having a wife who even knows what the EU is.

The older preview piece is from a couple "generations" ago--it only uses the East/West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Stage Mic samples.  After making that, I went on to produce versions of the music using a mix of stage and close mic positions, to better simulate the crispness of the original recordings.  It was at that point that Admiral Snackbar contacted me and we began auditioning the various techniques to try to match the original recordings.  The current generation is primarily close mic samples (with a little bit of stage mic thrown in for some of the more spacious sounding instruments) using custom reverb and accurately modeled EQ settings for the various tracks, as well as some other tricks and black magic that I don't fully understand :)


--- Quote from: chief1983 on August 25, 2011, 10:34:01 am ---Props for having a wife who even knows what the EU is.

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lol not only is she a geek but she looks like a cross between Drew Barrymore and Amy Lee.  She can list off just as many references from the music video on youtube "Tonight I'm Frakking You" as I can.

Thanks for the info Swash.  I thought you had changed some things on that:).

When you say Auditioner, are you using a specific program for it?  Just curious because I work for a company that has what they call Auditioner (and we are an audio company).

Nope, just using the word "auditioning" in the sense of listening to the same piece over and over again while trying out changes in certain parameters with the goal of improving the overall experience.  I also use that word as the aural equivalent of "envision", so it's gonna have to pull quadruple duty now that I know that it's a piece of software too :)

I'm not responsible for the effects and such on this latest one, but when I am trying to produce a mix, I just use a set of plain old studio monitors.  What does your Auditioner program do (if it's not top-secret)?

This sounds awesome, though for some reason the first bit reminds me of the older Star Trek movies.


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