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Trivial Psychic:
While this is not FOTC-related, it is SW-Related, so I figured this would be the best thread to post this.

Some of you may already have heard or Adywan and his "Revisited" editions of Star Wars: A New Hope.  Today, Adywan has finally released his Revisited edition of The Empire Strikes Back.  For the moment its an 8GB (7.58GB to be precise) MKV-720p file, while DVD-formatted ISO files will follow.  You can read all about it on his website:

Star Wars Revisited.

Looks a lot better than ANH:R. I think there's still a fair bit of stuff I don't agree with, but there's less of it than in ANH:R and it's done better.

Trivial Psychic:
What I've noticed:

-More Flare for the Probe Droid engines
-All images through "binoculars" replaced
-Return to Wampa never seen clearly during the cave scene (though I think Adywan put in his own visual there)
-Added visuals for speeders' instrument displays
-Some action for the AT-STs during the Hoth battle (including one getting crushed by the falling AT-AT that Luke destroyed)
-Turret fire from the Star Destroyer that gets Ion-cannoned before it gets hit
-1st transport group jumps to hyperspace
-Less static look to the asteroid field
-Show dust eruptions whenever blaster fire or proton bombs strike asteroids.
-Some digital facial enhancements for Yoda, mostly in the mouth (Very well done in my opinion, so much that I almost missed it)
-Spider from "Star Wars Rebels" on Degoba (not my most favorite addition)
-Editing of Special Edition's Vader-Emperor conversation to that it matches the original while retaining the new Ian McDiarmid visual and voice.*
-Less tailgating by Slave 1 during the Falcon pursuit.
-Return of original "Bring my Shuttle" line from Vader during Cloud City withdrawal rather than the changes for the Special Edition, as well as removal of Vader's arrival on the Star Destroyer.
-I know from Adywan's own progress posts that some considerable work when into the Falcon Hanger scene on Hoth, as well as the Wampa scenes, for which he underwent considerable frustration.

That's all I can remember right now.

*The Palpatine change for the original Special Edition is one of the things I approve of in concept, but laud in its execution.  The image of Ian McDiarmid might as well have been the false face of the Balok puppet from Star Trek TOS for how animated it was.  It was just McDiarmid's voice, his face, and moving lips.  Although Adyway could never have gotten ahold of Ian McDiarmid to redo that scene, it is one of the things I wish he could have.


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on August 14, 2017, 08:05:23 am ----Editing of Special Edition's Vader-Emperor conversation to that it matches the original while retaining the new Ian McDiarmid visual and voice.*
--- End quote ---

It's a lot more impressive than that; the visuals are, from what I can tell, completely new (of course probably mostly created from RotJ footage) to actually match RotJ better than the Special Edition version.

EDIT: Correction: the visuals weren't actually changed in the Special Edition. The Ian McDiarmid version appeared only in the later DVD releases.

Trivial Psychic:
I stand corrected.


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