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Title: [Release] Retreat from Deneb Cinematic
Post by: ShivanSpS on January 10, 2022, 09:23:20 pm
Retreat from Deneb

In 2021 i started to write Freespace fanfic, mostly FS1 era so far. One of the first things i wrote is everything around the Battle of Deneb, for that part, i expanded Deneb 3 plot with some minor modifications. So i had this scene writen and in my mind for almost a year before i finally decided to expend the time to make it.
This cinematic focuses on what the GTD Bastion was doing after the Battle of Deneb, when the GTD Galatea was being evacuated.

Avalible in Knossos (https://fsnebula.org/mod/RetreatfromDenebCinematic)


Plot for context (fanfic):
The Battle of Deneb takes place in 2/28/2335. The objetive was to attack the SD Lucifer in full force while it was bombarding Deneb 3 from orbit, the GTI believed an attack of sufficient force using the new Harbinger bombs could overwhelm the Lucifer shield system.
For this effort the GTI deployed the GTD Legion, carrying Ursa bombers and the Harbingers bombs needed for the attack, while the GTA deployed the GTD Bastion and GTD Galatea battlegroups, along with 20 cruisers, the PVN deployed the PVD Guardian and 10 more cruisers.

The Legion and the Guardian along with the cruisers were to attack the Lucifer directly in full force.

The GTD Galatea mission was to seek and destroy the SD Eva, a Demon-Class destroyer, that was somewhere in the system. The GTD Bastion battlegroup mission was to provide fighter support for the GTD Legion and the PVD Guardian, while staying in a hidden location in case that the Legion or the Galatea needed assistance. Should problems arise during the battle, the Bastion and the Galatea were to secure the Sirius jump node to cover the retreat.

During the battle, the GTD Krios was in Vega, unable to breach through the Shivan positions at the Deneb node, the Krios conducted attacks of opportunity against Shivan transports and cruisers in on the way to Deneb. It was during one of these attacks that the Krios fighters sighted a 2nd Demon-Class destroyer jumping to Deneb and designated it as the SD Tantalus. With the comm buoys in Vega destroyed and lacking fighters intersystem jump drives the Krios was unable to warn the GTA forces in Deneb in time.

The day started badly with the Galatea being unable to find the Eva, as result the Eva fighters and bombers were providing assistance to the Lucifer. Worse, the Shivans were showing up at the Sirius jump node, attacking at any ship that retreated from the battle and the Galatea had to deploy half of its fighter complement to the Sirius jump node.

The GTA and PVN were suffering significant losses on the battle and the Guardian was disabled by Shivan bombers, but they were making progress, the Harbingers bombs, when used in a large enough quantity, were proven successful in penetrating the Lucifer shields, and they had managed to destroy one of the Lucifer reactors. But it was at this moment that the Lucifer fired its planetary attack canon at the Legion, destroying it. Whiout any way for the Ursa bombers to rearm, the attack was aborted and the GTA started a full retreat to Sirius.
The Bastion recalled its fighter wings and proceeded to the Sirius jump node to cover the retreat, leaving the Vasudans and PVD Guardian to fend for themselves against the Lucifer while waiting for repairs.

It was at this moment that one of the Galatea wings found the Eva, Admiral Wolf decided to stay hidden and deploy the rest of the fighter complement and all of its 3 cruisers (Neptune, Gladiator and Orff) to attack the Eva. But the Shivans found it, some time after launching the attack, the Galatea was sighted by a Shivan scouting wing, an attack quickly followed. Admiral Wolf recalled the wings at the Sirius Jump node to defend the ship. The Bastion also sended two of its three cruisers to help defend the Galatea. But it was too late, by the time they arrived the Galatea was already disabled. The Bastion deployed transports with repair parts and to help in the evacuation of non essential personnel.

The attack on the Eva was a success, destroying it completely along with 4 Shivan cruisers, but the GTC Neptune was lost in the attack. Admiral Wolf recalled all ships to assist in the defense. But they ran out of time, the Lucifer jumped to the Galatea position and destroyed it. Almiral Wolf, beliving that it was all his fault, decided to stay onboard. Little did he knew the wings that found and ambushed the Galatea were coming from a 2nd Demon destroyer, the SD Tantalus.

-GTD Legion and Deneb 3 planet asset taken from Deneb 3 mod
-Backgrounds taken from FS port deneb missions
-Voices by azure text-to-speech
-Ancients3 audio captured from the original FS1 movie file.
Title: Re: [Release] Retreat from Deneb Cinematic
Post by: Colonol Dekker on January 18, 2022, 04:37:32 pm
I'm glad this was highlighted or if have missed the opportunity to add it to my queue.