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FORTUNE HUNTERS TRILOGY needs MORE actors! Still more! Now!

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Campaign release thread

STILL LOOKING FOR MORE ACTORS! Blue Planet participants welcome  :)

You may not be aware of it, but for the FS2 Total Conversation The Babylon Project, there exists this really awesome and quite popular campaign trilogy called Fortune Hunters made by...           ME!  :lol:
It is not only frequently mentioned in "Must-play campaign" and "Favorite campaign"-threads but is also often considered the best pirate-themed campaign for the FS2 engine in that pesky pirate-discussions, featuring fitting mission design and appropriate handling of the subject. Additionaly, the Trilogy has been called the best TBP-campaign to date more than once, has been lauded for its fitting additions to the Babylon 5 canon and has been meet with high praise from the HLP community, including non-TBP fans. And everyone always asked for voice acting.
Well, I managed to get every single piece of work I made so far voice-acted but this monster of a project. However, all previous ones were a lot smaller in scale. Fortune Hunters features 34 missions in total, my current goal is to get all in-mission dialogue voice acted.


The campaign is already fully released, which is a huge plus. Your voice-work cannot die together with a project, as it would be the case with a non-released mod or something. Also, most lines belong to a rather small group of support characters, which makes the whole thing possible within a realistic timeframe (aka not years  :) )
If I can assemble the main and returning characters, the attempt to voice act the whole thing will surely succeed. Or at least I hope so.

For a summary of the story, I am going to copy and paste from the Freespace Wiki:
The player assumes the role of an human pilot in his 40s, who, being too old for military service, is leading an unusual group of outlaws calling themselves the Fortune Hunters, a Raider Group operating in Earth Alliance space. Despite being a criminal, the main character dislikes what he is forced to do to make a living, becoming frustrated with his current lifestyle. Always trying to keep casualties to a minimum, the player's initial tasks include planning and executing clever raids on cargo vessels, kill competitors, stealing various goods and escaping local military forces. The year is 2259, which is a time of change for the galaxy. Alliances shift, wars break out between various powers and new leaders rise to power, which affect the political balance of the galaxy. Rumors spread about formerly dead planets now being occupied again, things beyond the rim and rising shadows. A struggle between the races of the galaxy to survive, facing extinction by an unknown alien menace is looming on the horizon and the Hunters are faced with the most difficult decisions of their lives. Hell is on. And in all likelihood, everybody is going to die.

YES, FORTUNE HUNTERS IS BASED ON THE B5 TV SERIES. DO NOT LET THAT SCARE YOU OF! Hunters was written to be played by everybody, features a well written, deep and later almost philosophical story that does NOT require any knowledge of the show.
If you have any honest interest in voicing one of the most unquie campaigns for the engine, please post here. Everybody is invited, roles will be cast by quality only and there are lots and lots of misc lines waiting too, for those who don't get a major part.

A list of the main characters:

(the player character, unnamed, aka The boss) (NO ACTOR)
Only talks outside of missions and that's exactly the reason why I don't want briefings and so on to be voice acted. This is the player, NO ACTOR REQUIRED. The character is on the list to help you understand the general promise of the campaign. A frustrated, tortured person, trying to protect those he or she rallied around him-/herself while hating what the daily job is.

Phantom, FH member and pilot (male) CAST - RECORDED AT THE MOMENT
Phantom is one third of the player character, one third that talks. In fact, the character is very similar, having been the player's compaining from the military times until today. He represents the sarcastic, frustrated side, a person who does not want to kill but is forced to do it again and again. And has become terribly good at it. A companion through hell and back. Phantom later romances Cobra.

Cobra, FH member and pilot (female) CAST AND FULLY RECORDED
Cobra is the second third. Aggressive and angry, she joins the Fortune Hunters after her old pirate group gets obliterated. Her character probably grows the most during the narrative, learning about the value of life and responsibility. Like Phantom, her role during missions is often to point the player towards specific events or commenting on them.

Spark, FH member, mechanic and captain of the carrier vessel (male) CAST - RECORDING STARTS SOON
Spark is the support character, the helping hand and the final third. He is in command of the Hunters's carrier vessel and executes the plans of the main character. He represents the player's responsibility, analytic side and calm nature in the face of danger. Support character is really all you need to say about his lines, they are about information and alerting the player to some events. And of course, discussing current events and telling the story together with the other two.

These three together move the plot forward and act as what "Command" and your wingmen do in FS2, they guide the player.

Unnamed FH pilot 1 (female) CAST AND FULLY RECORDED
This one as well as the next character serve the same purpose, both are used to comment on events and the mission. The Hunters are a team and everybody can say something, not just the three named characters. Especially since those are not always present.
The description sounds somewhat shallow, I know. The lines usually talk about whats going on at the moment or the character is used to ask a question the player would like to ask (and the main character knows the answer), so Phantom & Co can reply.

Unnamed FH pilot 2 (male) CAST, RECORDING STARTING NOW
Same as above. PLEASE, do not make the mistake to think of these characters as senseless props. They are necessary and have a very important task.

Niset (female) NOT CAST
Think of her as Galadriel from LotR, although not that esoteric. Niset is a telepath and a member of the Rangers, an organisation that plays a key part during the events of the campaign. Her lines often use images, she is a mystery for a good part of the story.

Heavy Hector (male)  NOT CAST
Arms dealer, genius and an almost childish person. Builds weapons. Really good. Sadly, he sells to more or less everybody. HH runs a Raider Port, a station for outlaws and criminals, and is an important person on the black market. The Hunters, especially Spark, consider him a friend.

There are lots and lots of misc lines but these are the only characters that have more than one appearance and they have the major part of the dialogue. So...           anybody interested?  :nervous:    Just send some samples for minor chars and I point you towards some lines for the game.

I would be interested, but to be honest I don't beliefe I'm up to a major role.... I'd rather settle for a minor one.

I'd like to give you same samples of my attempt to help voice acting BP, but thanks to my provider completely rebuilding their website I'm having trouble to get to the settings of my webspace....

--- Quote ---analytic side and calm nature in the face of danger.
--- End quote ---
Well... unless the danger happends to be a certain race of the first ones :p

Samples here :

Colonol Dekker:
I'm always looking to add to my list.

I'm 27, london born and bred. I can handle quite eloquent through to grizzled mockney (Think Psycho from Crysis).

Dunno if you want samples but PM me if you do. :yes:

You can of course post samples already, that makes it easier for me  :)

--- Quote from: -Norbert- on November 29, 2009, 06:04:24 am ---Well... unless the danger happends to be a certain race of the first ones :p

--- End quote ---

every character flips out at some point in the game. Lots of shouting, cursing, emotions. Don't be afraid to scream in your micro.


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