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How to post auditions (from VAC)

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Producers, help recruit the best by following these guidelines when posting requests for voice actors.
Please include the following information:

-Name of movie/mod and brief summary of what it's about.
-Describe the characters you need voices for. Gender, age, voice type, accent, etc.
-Audition line(s) for your actors to say in the character's voice.
-Your e-mail address or other contact method (This is important. If you leave no email address in your post, interested VAs will have a hard time contacting you.)
-When is the deadline for sending in auditions?

Do NOT just make a post saying "Hey I need voice actors PM me if your interested, bye."
People will generally not want to help you if they have to PM you just to find out what you need.

Posted here is a template you may use:
{name of project here}

{Background information. You can briefly explain the plot, your experience as a producer or animator, etc.}

{Name of Character #1}
{A picture of the character here. Not required, but would be helpful.}
Voice Type: {Is the character male or female? How old? Does s/he speak with any type of accents? Is the voice pitched high, low or medium? Don't expect to get good results if you don't specify.}
Audition Lines:
{with direction/emotion for each line requested}
1. {audition line}
2. {audition line}

(Repeat this for all characters in the production.)

Recording & Sending Information
{Do the files need to be in any specific format, ex: MP3, WAV..?}
Send your auditions to {insert your e-mail address here}

{Please include a deadline for sending in auditions so that voice actors can prioritize.}

[Suggested] Rules For Posting Auditions

1. Edit your ORIGINAL POST when adding new characters or making updates on the casting status. Most people auditioning for a production read the first post of the thread and nothing else. Unlike Newgrounds, this board has an "edit post" feature, so you may edit your first post as often as you need.

2. You must state CLOSED or CAST somewhere in your original post once roles have been filled. This really helps to keep people from wasting their time auditioning only to find out a given part is already taken.
Upcoming deadlines should be listed in the subject line, for instance:

[Red Zone] Need Pilot 1 & Officer 3 - 2 Days Left

Projects in which all auditions have ended but a "parts filled" notice is not present anywhere may be locked by a moderator. You are welcome to start a new thread if your project requires additional actors later on.

3. If you're not getting voice actors, be patient. Not everyone checks the forums 24 hours a day. You may "bump" your thread a maximum of once per day. Do not make a new post in your thread every two minutes asking why no one is auditioning for you.

4. Please be polite and professional when dealing with your voice actors.

5. Please check your post for spelling and grammar. Netspeak, indecipherable words, etc. in your script do not go over well with voice actors and make you look inexperienced or unprofessional. (The exception: If English is not your first language, please state so in your thread.)

6. Do not use your thread to send out the scripts and reference videos, tell your cast you need lines, etc. Get people's contact information when they audition and keep it on hand for future reference. Most people do not bother to check an audition thread after parts have been closed.

7. Because every voice actor has different "comfort zones", it is advisable to make a note somewhere in your post if your project will contain excessive swearing, sexual situations, or content which is generally considered offensive. This is more of a courtesy than an actual rule, as it saves embarrassment on both ends if you end up choosing actors who are uncomfortable with certain dialogue.

8. Auditions for adult content are allowed, however;
- Images in the audition thread must be censored to be reasonably "work safe".
- Actors must be 18 or older to audition for such material. It is the producer's

responsibility to ensure that actors cast for the role are of the legal age.
- This site will not be held responsible for any complications arising from your use of this board to solicit actors for a project of this nature.

9. If you are already planning to cast any roles to yourself or your friends ("self-casting/pre-casting"), that's fine, but it's better to note that beforehand rather than opening them up to everyone for audition.

Repeated disregard of the rules in this topic, especially after being asked to do so by an admin or moderator, will result in your topic being locked. Continually making the same topic after being locked without making any changes may result in a suspension or ban.
Thanks to Rina-chan of VAC for original write-up on their forums.

This is potentially useful. Sticky perhaps?

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Hmm, i've read this somewhere before.
Good stuff though.


--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on January 05, 2010, 05:03:08 pm ---Hmm, i've read this somewhere before.
Good stuff though.

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Yes it is not an original work, but reworked from VAC.  Sorry I forgot to credit them earlier.


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