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HLP Newsletter - September 2016

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Not seen since last month, the monthly newsletter is BACK!


--- Quote ---Add an AI flag to enable old, unused behavior when attacking big ships (MageKing17) This re-enables some :v: code that was cut before the original FS2 release, it seems to allow the AI to slow down when making attack runs on large ships. Try out the AI profiles setting if you want to test what this does.
--- End quote --- I don't see it in here, documentation please!

Dang so much has happened, allways suprises me a bit c:

The E:
One thing that was missed that really should have been in there is that we're now moved our renderer from OpenGL2 into the not so recent past to full OpenGL 3 Core compliance. This has several benefits, especially for Mac and Linux users, as they can now run all the pretty things (assuming, of course, an OpenGL 3 capable GPU and driver).

It also has a downside: If you do not have hardware support for shaders, FSO will no longer work on your system.

thanks for calling that out, I've added what you wrote (slightly modified)


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