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HLP Newsletter - October 2016

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Nothing's spookier than a newsletter with a spooky ending!

I swear I heard "The Twilight Zone" music even though my speakers are turned all the way down.

Cool stuff, Reddit and Facebook updated


--- Quote ---Cross compilation fixes[...]this allow Windows builds to be compiled on Linux. Which has more use than you might think, as it could allow continued support of older versions of Windows that are not supported by newer MSVC versions (e.g. XP, maybe Vista in future?)

--- End quote ---
We still release XP-compatible builds; it's Windows 98 we dropped official support for.

However, we did stop supporting MSVS 2010, which was the last version of VS that ran on XP; as a result, anyone who wants to do development on XP now needs to use, say, MinGW (so it's probably a good thing that MinGW compilation works now; props to ashdnazg).

ah nuts. So. Apart from being PR #1000, there's not much special about compiling Win builds on Linux then?


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