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HLP Newsletter - November 2016

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(Screencap results coming soonish...)

Pretty busy month, lotsa things getting released... (including zod ships  :))

--- Quote ---X3N0-Life-Form is on a roll with his Ability Management Framework script. It looks like an alpha release / demo is imminent, before the end of the month (you've got few days left depending on your timezone :)) Jokes aside, this is looking very cool, can't wait for it to be released!
--- End quote ---

Hehe, I started preparing the release mod sunday evening, planning to wrap it up monday evening while trying to resist the urge to add crude sound effect support before releasing.

Then, as usual something came up to sidetrack me at the last minute :P. And since I had already missed the deadline (well, from my timezone anyway), I figured I might as well just relax and fart around yesterday ;).

Well, new deadline is before the end of the month !

Thanks for the mentions but...

--- Quote ---Some assistance is being requested to help finish it off before the end of the year, so again if you've got some spare time, let 0rph3u5 know!
--- End quote ---

The requests are not for help to finish the campaign but to polish it up.

Thanks for the mention, Axem! So much awesome campaign-related stuff, I still can't believe that BTA is finally done! :D Looks like everyone's working hard!

The screencap contest results have been posted! Grats to Niffiwan!


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