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The amount of branching and campaign-persistent variables needed to do that would be... excessive. Even if the engine could handle it to really take advantage of that kind of continuity you'd need to write so many :words: and actually design all those branching paths that are changed by your previous actions. It's simply just too much work.

Look at the MW4:Mercs example, that game didn't really change missions much no matter what order you played them in. You'd have new mechs available and more money to buy those mechs but all the missions stayed pretty much the same.

The E:
This task is made much easier with the upcoming custom SEXP feature. That can be used to easily expand variable storage as much as necessary. But yeah, the amount of content that would need to be generated is enormous.

Unless there was a way to make it semi-trivial for users to create their own content in a meaningful way  (yeah, probably an impossibly monumental task, I was just throwing it out there because it would be nice and I can dream)

Something like a co-op dynamic FS universe that has episodes that take place over certain time periods repetitively, but are changed by user / group action enough to make it different every time, and also have custom MOD support for user-made seasons and scenarios... Yeah, I'll go back to my corner now  *retreats from coders horrified at the mountain of work such a project would require*


--- Quote from: Wet Orange Ostrich Toilet on May 05, 2017, 04:33:53 am ---Alright. I did a bit of research, not sure if it will be useful or not.
Here's what I found out about the interest in space games

-People are indeed regaining interest for space games

-People are NOT interested in arcade based shooters.

-The most popular tags within space games are 'MMO' 'Open-World' 'Strategy' and 'Sandbox'

So I concluded that, under the assumption that such a thing is possible, a viable strategy would be to scramble every skilled coder and modder and have them create some sort of 'Open World RPG' version of either original Freespace or one of the full conversions. Have someone gather attention to it on Steam Greenlight and the hype should be coming by itself.

Please keep in mind, I have no idea about the extent to which the source code can be modified, nor do I know if something like that is possible. It's just a small idea really.

--- End quote ---

I had an experiment like that, Grand Theft Freespace, where you had a persistent world with missions you could do in any order and you had a shop to buy upgrades/weapons/ships/etc. Never quite got around to doing it, but it's definitely doable with a large dose of variables and other hacks.


--- Quote from: Phantom Hoover on May 05, 2017, 08:04:19 am ---get house of the dying sun! play it! it's fantastic and structured!

--- End quote ---

Yep, i enjoy that game!  I need to pick up playing it again.  The first time I tried it I was like "meh", but a couple of months later i tried again and the "This is awesome!"  I don't recall why I stopped playing after that, but I hadn't gotten very far into it.


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