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Actually i would like to see overview page that show up with Mobile devices, and so that this one is much better useable than the current one.

And the forum itself lacks also some comfort for mobile use (too much scrolling, current discussions at the end of the page, no subscribing of topics etc.).
I do not think that anyone stays long on HLP with such devices.


--- Quote from: Droid803 on February 05, 2017, 12:53:36 pm ---There was a good search function at one point.
And then it got replaced by google custom search or something, and it was bad.
And then it was replaced by something else, and it was worse.
Or maybe this is just nostalgia talking.
I was able to find stuff using search once upon a time. It hasn't been that way for ages.

--- End quote ---

I'm betting that the good search function was probably part of a different version of forum software. I'm not even sure what the HLP forums are powered by, but I know that the phpBB software has an excellent built in search, or at least there was a good one on a number of placed I used to frequent that used phpBB, such as the long defunct, which was the personal website of a guy who was a big fan of the Escape Velocity games. IIRC, the forum software was replaced at some point when I was still going by the screen name of CaptJosh.

HLP's on top of Simple Machines Forum 2.0.13 *points to the bottom right*

I like the helpful auto-save on the UWE forums (Natural Selection 2 / Subnautica) -- accidentally hitting back or crashing doesn't nuke your post.

I also like their Disagree / Agree / Awesome votes for each post, so you can respond to posts without just posting "Agreed" or "Amazing!" (it puts a small icon with your avatar on it at the bottom):  Example

EDIT: Another feature I like is the ability to @mention a user (with an auto-complete pop-in).

At the moment everyone seems to mostly be talking about forum features they'd like to have (which is fine) but we'd also like to discuss bigger changes. What can we do to attract more people? How can we make modding easier?


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