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HLP Newsletter - March 2017

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There's nothing more delicious than an HLP Newsletter! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your pets!


--- Quote ---this time fixing an issue where cloning pilots in the barracks would cause player persistent variables (among others) to be cloned as well.

--- End quote ---
Not quite; cloning a pilot will copy variables. It's just that creating a new pilot was also copying variables.

aw dang, I'll have to update that!

Told my dog. She just looked at me funny.

Good newsletter though. :yes:

* Re-adds Bem Cavalgar & JAD to the TO-PLAY list *

Nice newsletter :)

The SCP is on bug-fixing roll, props to all involved.

--- Quote ---X3N0-Life-Form has posted an update on this ability management framework script. A buff system has been added, however refactoring calls before further progress can be made. Keen to see this progress further, and maybe see some screenshots soon? (hint hint ;))

--- End quote ---
Screenshots wouldn't cut it, I'd need to put together some sort of video to show it off properly.


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