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HLP Newsletter - April 2017

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This is no joke! The April 2017 Newsletter is HERE!


Good newsletter as always. A good reminder this community is still live and productive, esspecially Black Wolf - you are the [please insert description you find most flattering here].

... but Axem, could you please add a little shout-out to that I am taking questions about the The Lost Generation - Ashcroft during the month?
I know that it came late and pushed up against April 1st (i know my insomnia makes me difficult to work with), but I kinda rely on it to draw up a scheudle and material for the trailers planned for May (and as my beta testers keep telling me the stuff that's worth seeing isn't exaclty trailer material).

Wow, gosh, I did not expect to see my silly engine manager script mentioned here. Not an unpleasant thing to wake up to :) Thanks, Axem.

Woo, I made the news! Nice. Thanks for the mention, I'm determined to do my best not to disappoint.

Alas, victory was snatched from me by a destroyer going beams-hot at the moment of triumph... feels like Delenda Est all over again :(. But I don't mind losing to Homeworld, my favourite space RTS ever.

The shield decal link is wrong; it links to a feature request regarding Lua and netcode.


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