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In case you haven't noticed, things have... changed a bit. Just a bit.

Let's go over them real quick so you know exactly what to complain about look for. :)

1. Boards moved and shuffled
There's some new boards, like the trio of release related boards. I'd heavily encourage anyone releasing something (a campaign, a ship, a script) to post it in the appropriate forum. The Missions & Campaigns Release board is the old Missions & Campaigns board right now, and the non-release threads will slowly get moved over to the "new" FRED Workshop board (its just the old FRED forum). And similarly the releases from the Modding and Scripting forums will slowly migrate over to their respective release boards.

Also all hosted projects are in more consolidated categories. Either Standalone, FS2 Required or Non-FreeSpace. The Fan Art forum got renamed Arts & Talents and moved down to Off Topic, and a few other smaller boards (Interviews and Voice Acting) got placed as a child to a related parent forum.

2. Expanded user profiles
There's now 3 new fields you can fill in on your user profile. They are there so you can list the campaigns, assets, scripts or anything else you want to keep around. They are fully bbcode enabled, so you can throw in images, p3ds, or auto-playing soviet anthems (actually maybe don't do that last one...). You can check out my profile to see how it looks. (Currently work in progress!)

3. Avatars (and some other tweaks)
Yes, they're finally here. You are free to upload and display an avatar of your choosing. But just to make things interesting, the graphical size limit is 150x60. The forum will resize it down if its larger than that. The only rules we'll have for avatars are no animation and must be in good taste (that is nothing X-rated or deliberately insulting/offensive). I think everyone on HLP is mature enough so we won't have any issues with that though.

Okay, one additional rule:
Badges that are normally given out by project leads or staff meant to show meaningful contribution to a project or to HLP itself, are not allowed in the avatar without permission. Even if you have totally good intentions, it can create confusion among those that may not be familiar that you are not actually part of the project or staff position.

If you don't like avatars or the prospect of a facist neo-libertarian communist with a cute cat girl avatar yelling at charming you, you can disable seeing avatars in the Look and Layout section of your user profile.

Also the user section of a post has been slightly rearranged. Badges are now under avatars, personal text is now above avatars, and post counts are hidden (though you can still see your post count on your forum profile!)

So let us know how you like the changes, what we could do to make them better, or what thing that needs to get changed back NOW.

And keep in mind this is just phase 1. We've got forum tags and image thumbnails coming up... hopefully soon (as soon as Goober figures out why they're not quite working now), and hopefully more fun stuff in the future (like the new site!)

I fear change!

You shut your nerd mouth axem I have a BRILLIANT avatar

Just to give people a little bit of context to that avatar... :p (this was from like 2 months ago)

--- Code: ---[19:43] <[`_`]> Axem do you have a blank copy of the hlp logo or something thats on a transparent background
[19:43] <[`_`]> i want to photoshop the supreme leader of iran onto it
[19:43] <@Axem> :|
[19:43] <@Axem> why...
[19:50] <[`_`]> look my first ever release had me dreaming of the supreme leader telling me it was ****
[19:51] <@Axem> do you have... meds youre not taking? :|
[19:51] <@Axem> i am genuinely concerned
--- End code ---



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