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Updated cut scene videos needed ASAP

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Iain Baker:
@ The E

Thank you, those are perfect :-)

The E, would you mind sharing specifically what lighting settings you used on those lower ambient videos? They're perfect (IMO).

The E:
-no_emissive_light -ambient_factor 80 -spec_point 1.2 -bloom_intensity 25


--- Quote from: The E on March 14, 2019, 02:34:21 pm ----no_emissive_light -ambient_factor 80 -spec_point 1.2 -bloom_intensity 25

--- End quote ---

Iain Baker:
I'm on the scrounge again ;-)

I'm looking for an image showing the Vishnan nebula backdrop, preferably in 1080P HD. I don't mind if it is from a cut scene of from in-game footage, or it it has ships or not in it. Lower res examples I pinched from the inter-web are below.

I will be using the image to showcase how BP AoA manages to make a place in outer space look even more otherworldly than space is already.

If any one can help I would be very grateful. (You will of course get picture credit in the article :-) )

Cheers :-)

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