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Updated cut scene videos needed ASAP

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The E:
I am unaware of there being an HLP yt channel, so this is going to go up on my personal one.


WIH Opening:



(Uploads should be finished within a few minutes of me posting this. Please wait a few hours for yt processing to finish)
(Also, by the way, the best free editing tool for non-professional people like me who just need to do a trim on a video is avidemux)

Is the FPS gauge there to demonstrate the performance-friendlyness of BP? :p

The E:
More to demonstrate my forgetfulness when it comes to setting commandline flags, honestly

Wow, the Masyaf looks a bit skinnier than I recall, when did it go on a diet?
Beautiful stuff though!

Iain Baker:
Hi there The E!

There is indeed an HLP YouTube channel, although there is currently only one video on there. I'm also looking for high res banner art for this to replace the grey polygons that are on there at the moment.

The videos looked great, thank you.The 4K versions in particular look fantastic, not that my crappy internet can stream them properly without major buffering  :lol: Are these using the latest 3.8.X MVPs? Can the game be played properly with them or does this cause issues?

PS - Did you have the 'emissive light from ships' option enabled? I usually turn it off, raise the glossiness slightly and lower the ambient lighting a bit to create a darker and moodier look which also emphasises the shadows and the lighting effects from weapons and explosions. This is why I chose the videos in the original links below - but that is just my preference.

War in Heaven Act 2 Intro
War in Heaven Act 3 Intro
WiH 1 End Credits:

If I were to say ‘pretty please with a cherry on top’, would there be any chance or re-recording the videos you made with a dark and moody look? I know it’s a big ask, and I would definitely owe you one - unlimited free proof-reading and editing perhaps :-) If you could do this i would be very grateful :-)


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