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Re: RELEASE: Walls Closing
Hey! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

One bug that I encountered was no debriefing on mission 1.
Ah, I think I found the culprit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :yes:

One comment - I'd prefer that mission designers not use the message noise as for those of us that use text to speech to 'hear' messages in mission that noise 'replaces' the text to speech.
I've no intention of removing the message beeps, but I think TTS should work if you remove the msg.wav file from the mod's Data>Voice>Special folder.

Overall, massively enjoyable and I hope you decide to work on a new project in the future, new creations are always welcome :D
Already well ahead! I'm working on a follow-up campaign called Shepherds, set during the days between Argonautica and Into the Lion's Den.

Progress has slowed, but still being made. ;)


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Re: RELEASE: Walls Closing
Great idea on the message.wav, will do that in future! Thank you!

Good luck on the new project, I await with interest! :D



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Re: RELEASE: Walls Closing
I've just completed my playthrough. Quite an enjoyable campaign!  :yes:

The last mission in particular was quite challenging. In order to beat it, I had to completely change my loadout after a couple of failed attempts.
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Update 1.3 is out!

Featuring some small mission redesigns (and a whole new intro for the final mission  :cool:), new scripts, music from ShadowOfLight's Freespace Soundtrack Expansion Project which were featured in Shepherds, dialogue and more. If you haven't played it, now's the time! (and if you have, play it again!)

Have a few screenshots:

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