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Colonol Dekker:
Spoiler:Mission 14: Grand Scheme
Briefing: A hidden Acadia installation is located at the edge of the system, with a large gathering of NTF warships approaching it. Command sends you in in a lone Pegasus class stealth fighter to scope out the situation. You find at least twenty warships, with more jumping in and out all the time. Intercepting transmissions, you learn that the NTF has already sent forces into Laramis and other systems, and is massing its forces in Ross 128. Marshall Gelmeth addresses his fleet, revealing his plan to build a new Neo-Terra, free from the influences of the decrepit alliance. As he speaks, two Demon destroyer look alikes jump in, with a small freighter following suit. Docked with it is a meson bomb. The NTF revels in its fearsome ships and how the fear of the shivans led the GTVA to pull their forces out of Wolf 359 leaving the systems beyond Luyten poorly defended. Their plan is simple, to detonate a meson bomb at the Laramis node and seal themselves off all the while leaving the alliance to ponder their shivan 'allies'. A passive scan reveals your prescence, and you are forced to jump out.

I'm gonna give this one a try.... :yes:

Check your spoiler tags... :nervous:

Also, I suggest you to create a thread only when the mission is done... :D

Colonol Dekker:
Just following sticky orders Mobius :D

Colonol Dekker:
What're the guidlines with these "audition" missions continuity-wise? Do i get free reign as long as i follow the brief? I'd like the system edge to bear a resemblance to prior missions in the same area of operation.

If the previous missions have a workable background etc, use theirs. Otherwise make it up yourself. :)


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