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Missing Jump Node in FRED 2

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I was just making a mission in FRED 2 and tried to place a jump node. When I clicked the selection box drop down I could not find it. :confused: There is a blank space between Shivan Comm Node and Waypoint objects, but when I select it and place it on the map a Shivan Comm Node appears. I have not done any modding or added any other files so I am wondering where it is. Any ideas?

Sounds like you don't have the 1.2 retail patch.  If you have the retail CD's then you can grab it here:

If you bought it from GOG then check the support forum.  Lobo just posted a link about how to update it or you can try downloading from GOG again I've heard they have updated the install but have no confirmation on this. 

I did get it from GOG. So the forums on the GOG site or here?


Ah yes, now we have a jump node. Thanks a lot.


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