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RELEASE - Wings of Dawn Episode 1 & 2

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1280x720. I know the default is 1920x1080. I lowered the resolution so I could play in a window and multitask.

Try it at 1366x768, then. There isn't any way to scroll; you shouldn't have to.

Thanks, I'll try it. I had a feeling it was a resolution issue, since some dialogue text also goes out below the box.

EDIT: That fixed it! Thank you.

Despite not foreseeing an Oct release, your team sure pulled off a good one releasing just two months later, Spoon :P


Got the whole week to Meet and Kill aliens! Also, you might consider putting the trailer video from the dev blog in this release post...

I can't get Wings of Dawn to launch after downloading it from Knossos.  I do have both Wings of Dawn and the Wings of Dawn builds downloaded. 

Is there a log I can find and post to help figure this out?


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