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Since I opened a thread about Steadfast, let's keep everything about Steadfast in this thread and not in the Dreamcatcher one :)

--- Quote from: LieutenantGeneralMobius on February 22, 2007, 03:54:37 pm ---Both you and Dark Hunter should "grammar check" Steadfast. Once I solve a problem with a new weapon, I will post m6. m1-5 need grammar checking...m5 will soon be implemented with another chat...or two(takeoff and landing).


--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Dark Hunter on February 22, 2007, 05:11:09 pm ---Wait, you're paying us?  :D

Sorry, I've been checking the site but I must have missed the thread where the missions are posted. My bad. :p

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1) That weapon works without any problem on my PC :p
2) @Testers: the missions aren't posted yet, but as soon as everything is ok we'll post them
3) @Testers: I have to pay a bet to Alpha 1, so I can't pay you at the moment :lol: (don't worry, I'm not crazy, you'll understand what this means)

Ehm you can send them the missions 1-5. Grammar checking also means changing the arrival of wings or warships a bit since the structure of messages changes. Then, it will be up to the testers.

The weapon works but it's definitely an AAA....

I think you should talk about the campaign and the ships we're using, for example.

So... screenie time!!! They are from the first mission.

Beta wing taking off from the Steadfast.

Beta wing arrives near their objective.

And this?

We are using ships from INFR1, Freespace 2 and 1 (so you will need also INF:A for the FS1 ships), and other custom ships (Aldo's GVC Mafdet, StratComm's GTC Hyperion and StratComm's, LtNarol's, CODEDOG ND's and Mikhael's GTD Raynor, included in the VP).

And now, some words about the civil war.
Due to the heavy costs for the construction of the GTI Gaia, the GTVA was forced to increase taxes. This affected negatively the poor workers in the Altair Scrapyards. Always due to taxation, archaeologists and xenobiologists working on Ancients ruins in Altair had to leave, and also this affected the poor system.
With the help of the Altair-stationed 10th Fleet, they organised a coup d’etat, seizing the whole fleet that was going to be scrapped. Between the captured ships, there is also a second Colossus. The second Colossus was built as a stop-gap ship between the Capella-generation ships and the new ships. Since it was not built in secret and used slightly less powerful weaponry, it could be completed in “only” 7 years, but became obsolete quickly. Now the Altair Phoenixes (so-called because they want their home system to rise from the ashes of the Second Great War and the following crisis) use it as their flagship.
At the beginning of the rebellion, the GTVA didn’t care too much about it, because they didn’t want to deploy their assets in a backwater system. But then the APs attacked the former Vasudan capital system, Aldebaran (Vasuda Prime is now an habitable system due to the completion of the “Genesis” project. This project is taken from Awakenings…), and destroyed the fleet based there.
After this clear demonstration of the rebel’s power, a joint GTVA-EA fleet led by the GTCa Steadfast is sent in the strategic Alpha Centauri system to prevent a further spreading of the rebellion.
And here the player, Beta 1 of the elite squadron 35th Black Eagles, makes his entrance…

@Testers: check our private forum.

EDIT: Corrected GVC Mafdet's name, I wrote GVD Mafdet... :nervous:

I see I suddenyl have more work to do.

*returns to dimly-lit workroom*

This seems familiar.

Honestly, a pimpage thread in the Missions and Campaigns forum is fine, but really try not to develop the campaign right here in the open, alright?


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