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Approx. 3-week break after this week (damn rushed assignments), end of first term.

Anything? :lol:

But then again I'm not sure as to what I can bring to the table. I can't even create a proper escort/escort destruction mission to save myself... I do have a super-basic understanding of FRED though, mostly sporadic FRED1 without tutorials.

Makes me wonder - how exactly do organisers do their job...

Admiral Edivad:

--- Quote from: lefkos on June 11, 2007, 12:47:15 pm ---and is there any progress sins 2 months?  :D

--- End quote ---

yes, there are some progresses; eventually i contacted shiv and discussed with him about some new weapons for steadfast. as Dysko, i also have exams in 1 week time, so i'm not working with fred a lot. however, there's a good cutscene in progress on my pc, and as soon as i finish school and get mobius' tables i'll finish it.


Alright, so this is one massive necrothreadaging I've done here.

I thought it was the case to give this long gone project some justice by updating both the dedicated Wiki article and its two entries in the Unreleased Campaign List, as well as releasing the forever-WIP 50 missions from episodes 1 and 2, which I sincerely doubt can be played with modern modpacks and FSO builds (you'd basically need INFA, INFR1, the FSPort, and several dedicated tables which are now lost).

Should Dysko and Edivad have more files and/or more plot information, I'd be happy to add them.

Mito [PL]:
The mission dump is now avaliable on Knossos. Nebula mod page with manual download links.


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