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Android port of Freespace 2 works (demo inside)
One guy lubomir has ported icculus port to Android.

Here I am, running it on my old Moto Razor with KitKat:

Honest 60 fps. Notice that touch control could be quite convenient. BT gamepad could also be used, but now it is keyboard implementation only, so I just mapped some buttons to it. But it all depends on the input library, I believe it should be possible to map analog sticks as well (at least mouse emulation is apparently analog there).

Old phone is on purpose, as it doesn't work in FullHD. Also the Release version didn't work for me for some reason.

Media files are not there. Demo version will download them on start. It may be inconvenient for mobile data users (~100MB) and may took long, so here they are in one .zip
For Release version it is said that you need those files from the full game: Root_fs2.vp, sparky_fs2.vp, sparky_hi_fs2.vp
As with Demo those should be placed in Antroid/data/org.icculus.freespace2/files

Here is the info from its author site:
Built with native google ndk & glshim & pelya's SDL-lib.
Here is the source code:

Author tried to port SCP as well but with no luck. Currently there is no development on it.

But anyway, it is  a good starting point and a strong proof that it can be done. I hope it will inspire more developers to push it further. lubomir could attend this thread if there will be any questions to him.

BTW I can see another good use of such a port besides just Play On The Go. It will be good for VR implementation for the phone HMDs: no lag due to the PC streaming and no wires.

Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Android port of Freespace 2 works (demo inside)
Not the first time the Icculus port has been ported to ARM, although this is the first Android version I think I've seen.
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Re: Android port of Freespace 2 works (demo inside)
So.... i do remember mentioning about getting FS2 to run under on Android like 6 years ago, and i was told i was "crazy" looks like someone did finally made it.