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I ran into something I don't remember being typical FS behavior. I played through the FSPort on Hard, was glad I could make it as far as Commander and a full medal case, then I figured I'd restart and see how much further I can make in the ranks simply by replaying. Well, I can't. My pilot stats were reset, my medals taken away, so it looks like I just started that pilot today. I don't remember FS pilot files behaving like this. As a matter of fact, I remember replaying the main FS2 campaign twice so I could get a full medal case.

Was this a necessary change? Why? Or is my memory mistaken and it was always so?
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Actually i can not confirm that.

I can restart over the campaign room, change campaigns and can even change whole modifications without a problem. Rank, Score and Medals are always taken over. The only thing that is messed up are the kills by ship type statistics...

But that worked also with the old pilot code for me... but there was a higher risk that the Pilot got corrupted or every statistic was wiped out at some point, even i have never encountered that. The new code should be much more resilent in this matter.
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