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Title: Syrk is now on IRC!!!!
Post by: headdie on April 08, 2011, 04:32:03 am
More good news from the Syrk team, we are on IRC and are now formally opening channel #Syrk-Public to the public on esper.net so from the #Hard-Light channel we are a single /join #Syrk-Public command away. thanks to The E and Fury for kicking my butt when i started getting lazy :D

feel free to drop by and ask questions about the mod, or chatter about the weather.  Anything else has been deemed offensive by the Syrk staff and will result in a kickban.

#Syrk-Public was created off my own back and has since been endorse by some members of the Syrk team.  All comments by Syrk team members are their own personal views and do not constitute the views of the Syrk team.  Ops reserve the right to abuse channel inhabitants and bots as they see fit, Borg assimilation likely, channel might contain material offensive to adults, children, men women, cultists, deities and those of a nervous disposition.  Services may be withdrawn by management without prior notice.  If you take this notice seriously please contact FRED URAMORON at www.hard-light.ner/forums.  headdie forgot to take his mediation so is not responcible for his actions.
Title: Re: Syrk is now on IRC!!!!
Post by: TopAce on April 08, 2011, 05:46:00 am
That legal disclaimer in the end is inexplicably cool.