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Title: Orion Refit model fixing needed
Post by: Asteroth on June 27, 2018, 07:26:12 am
Blue Planet's Orion Refit (Orion_Refit.pof that comes bundled with Blue Planet, used for the GTD Sanctuary) has a number of issues. Chief among them, and most importantly one I can't fix myself, is that many of its polies (like 50%) on the 'tacked-on' bits (the large engine pods on either side, the long nose section) are completely non-collidable. Feel free to fire up Finding Sanctuary or plop the ship in a mission and fly around and take pot shots at it to see for yourself. If anyone with skills would take a look at it I'd be greatly appreciative.

Edit: Also the target view box in corner and targeting brackets both encompass only the original Orion it's built upon, with the 'tacked-on' bits spilling outside of them, leading me further to believe something funky is going on with those areas.