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Maybe its the bad guy who died and floated away in space in the end of the first story! Man I forgot his name tho! But his eyes opened in the end and he was the über-bad guy, so he must have had a comeback! Or did he allready and I've only missed it?
I have returned... Again...

shouldn't i be running around trying to save the wounded good guys?

for reference, you made me a medic.
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I edited a part of the script earlier. I usually TRY anything to avoid doing that, but this time it was necessary. I had made a reference to "The Weapon". Due to the amount of time that passed between the time of writing that line and now, I have forgotten completely what I meant, so I removed it.

Anyways, dark got it right, so I gave him a small role (don't worry, I'll try to expand it ;)):

INT. Soldier Housing. Day.

We open to a room full of people. All are wearing the black version of the FDF armor. Some are cleaning weapons, some are
talking, some are reading. Most are just sitting in silence. We start out from the back of the room, and we move forwards
towards a TV suspended from the roof. It gets louder as we get closer to it. On it is WINDRUNNER. He's looking at a
sheet of paper, containing the lines he's supposed to say.

Windrunner: (Solemn, sad) Today....(stumbles) is a great day in the history of Hard Light Productions.

We cut to a propoganda shot of the black-suited FDF troops, marching through a clean and pristine version of the Hard
Light General Forum.

Windrunner: Earlier today...forces under the control of...our wonderous new leader, marched through our sickly forum,
restoring health and beauty to it.

More propoganda shots. Cut back to WINDRUNNER.

Windrunner: Later today, our...great leader...He stops, and looks up at the camera....oh **** this! No one believes
this ****! I'll tell you what happened! I'll tell you! They marched through, and killed everybody, they killed every--

Several FDF troops grab him and pull him off-screen, shouting and screaming. The camera follows him for a bit over to the
side, but it stops.

Windrunner: Everybody! **** this! **** that damn bastard! I'll kick his ass!

J3Vr6 sits in the chair formerly occupied by WINDRUNNER. He smoothes his hair, and speaks calmly, and with a zest and passion that indicates he truly believes what he's saying.

J3Vr6: Today, our great and glorious leader, the man who led our forces to victory, will make a surprise announcement today! While the content of his speech has not yet been determined, it's sure to thrill and enlighten all of us!

The TV then cuts to an image of a balcony hanging above a cheering, screaming crowd. We keep zooming in, until we reach
the TV. When we get to it, we keep on going through, and, Matrix-light, go straight into the real live scene. We keep zooming
in until we transfer to...

EXT. Balcony. Day.

An eagle-eye view of above the balcony doorway. We are facing the cheering mass below us. Cheers go up, as CLOAKED
dramatically enters, flanked by two FDF gaurds, his cape swirling dramatically behind him. He stops at the edge of
the balcony, and surveys the crowd. We cut to a front view of him. He thrusts out his arms, and speaks in a quite, yet
booming voice.

CF: My soldiers! I salute you! For today, we are victorious!

A loud cheer goes up. We cut to:

INT. Shrike's Hideout. Day.[/i]

There are about 40 figures in the room. The more important ones are SHRIKE, KASPERL, THUNDER,
MAEGLAMOR, a bruised and barely breathing WINDRUNNER, ULUNDEL, FLASER, DARK_4CE, and the rest of the squad recruited by the admins, including several other random members. TIARA is also there. All is dark except for the faint blue light coming from the television. The chears coming from it can be heard throughout the room.
Several surgical lamps are hanging in the darkness. KASPERL is flitting from light to light, tending to wounded
patients. A few are groaning, most are silent. Suddenly, a shaft of light opens up, and a whoosh of a door. The entire room
turns towards the disturbance. Guns can be heard cocking and powering up. A few bansticks ignite. Shrike calls out into the

doorwayy from his position.

Shrike: Tango!

A voice responds.

Voice: Bravo!

The weapons are powered down, and in enters BOREALIS. SANDWICH starts up suddenly, a look of relief on his
bruised face.

Sandwich: Bor!

Borealis: Hey Sandwich. Did I miss anything?

Sandiwch: (Sits down in a big chair) No. It's just starting.

Borealis maneuvers to a seat beside him. CLOAKED FIGURE continues on the TV continues.

CF: But now...I think I owe you something!

The crowd stops suddenly. Puzzled looks are exchanged.

CF: For all this time, you have been following me blindly! shall see who your savior truly is!

We cut to:

EXT. Balcony. Day.

We are now right behind CLOAKED FIGURE's head. Slowly, he reaches upwards. The cloak slides off his hands,
revealing a mangled arm, mostly held together by machinery. He slowly pulls the cloak off. We cut to various shots of mangled
parts of his face, some parts looking distinctly alien. Finally, when the cloak is completely off, gasps ripple through the
crowd. We cut to:


Many are stunned into shock. BOREALIS pulls her hand up to her mouth, Shrike sits back, stunned.

KASPERL looks up from his patients at the commotion, and faints. We cut back to:


We are now in a front view of CLOAKED FIGURE. Now, his face fully revealed, we can tell he is....wEvil.

wEvil: My friends....I have returned!

An incredible cheer goes up from the crowd now. Helmets are flying into the air, weapons are discharging all around. Amid
it all, wEvil continues.

wEvil: And, with my coming, we shall destroy those who oppose us!

We cut to:


We open to see the entire group still watching the TV, none of them are moving. Suddenly, a couple soft thumps can be
heard coming from the door. The entire group turns to look. A few seconds past, and suddenly the door blasts open in a haze
of smoke.

wEvil: (Voice-over) We shall crush them in our way, and drive them to the knees of the Angel of Death!

A large group of FDF troops burst in, guns blazing. Members dive for the deck. DARK_4CE reaches for his gun and
begins firing randomly, then dives into an escape duct, but is killed before he can get in. The troops are cutting down
members every which way. Solemn music is playing as wEVIL continues his tirade.

wEvil: And, when all has been destroyed...

More gunfire. Members are leaping into escape ducts left and right. The smoke and gunfire gradually settle.

wEvil: We shall begin the greatest conquest that humanity has ever seen!

The gunfire has completely stopped now. All the gatheredHowever, as the dust and smoke settles, a figure can be seen
forming in it. Weapons charge up. The soft tapping of his/her shoes is all that's heard in the silence. As the figure emerges

though, we can tell it is TIARA.

Tiara: Hello boys...

The soldiers lower their weapons.

Tiara: Took you long enough...

She turns towards us, surveying the the damage. She smirks, and follows the soldier through the doorway. We cut to a close
up of his back. She brushes her hand lightly against it, leaving a small, beeping device on his armor. We cut to a front view
of the soldier, as he smiles at TIARA, and she smiles back at him. She stops suddenly, a look of surprise on her


Tiara: Whoops! I guess I (laughs jovially) forgot my purse!

The men laugh, and the soldier nods his consent. TIARA turns back, and walks into the hideout. She picks up a small
purse, gives a disaproving look at the dead figures lying on the floor. She turns toward a wall and speaks.

Tiara: They're gone, guys. You can come out now.

A side panel opens up from where she's looking. Out steps the previously dead board members. TIARA eyes


Tiara: Aren't you a little too hansom for a dead man?

dark_4ce: (Chuckles) I can strike a woman dead at any time, Tiara. So to speak.

He walks over to where the other DARK_4CE is lying. He taps a small panel on his shoulder. It opens up to reveal a
small control panel. He types a couple commands into it, and the robotic DARK_4CE stands up and walks away, situating
himself in a small side-panel. We cut back to TIARA, who looks down at her purse.

Tiara: I better get going, before they miss me.

Shrike up to her and shakes her hand.

Shrike: Good luck.

Tiara: You too.

She dashes out of the room. We cut to a view of the soldiers. The one she was talking to looks down at his watch
impatiently, tapping his foot. He looks up again at the wall, then at his troops.

Soldier: Alright, lets go get her.

As they just begin to move out to go back into the room, out dashes TIARA.

Tiara: Sorry I'm late!

Soldier: What happened?

Tiara: I had to search a couple of the bodies. Apparantly, a few of my...items were missing.

She smiles, and the soldiers laugh.

Soldier: Well, you find them?

Tiara: Of course. Those tricksters can't hide a thing from me.

The soldiers laugh again, and as they're leaving, TIARA looks back at the hideout. She smiles a huge grin, and then regains herself as she walks on. We cut to:
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but, obviously, i don't like passing out just before a good fight.

ah well, it's fun, and i'd probably go down with the first blow anyway.
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[neo] Woah [/neo]

Interesting twist.  And I honestly couldn't remember the first movie well enough to have guessed wEvil.  But hey, the plot thickens ;)
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WEvil! Yeah that was his name! Oh cool! :D And good stuff as always! :yes:
And thanks for the cool one liner too!;7
I have returned... Again...


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Good stuff
Good reading
Give me more!

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MOre Bring us MOre :D
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Hehe :D Now get me in there! :p
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I do use a small criterea for selecting who goes in and who doesn't. Not everyone who asks will get in. ;)

INT. Relic Forums Control Room. Day.

We are looking up at a vast semi-victorian cieling. We here a door whooshw silently, and rotate downards to look at the
sound. In steps a large group of admins, including DELPHY, BLUEVORLORN, CEEJAYOZ, FRITZ,
UBERJUMPER and IONFISH, ban sticks dangling at their sides. IONFISH and BLUEVORLORN are
continuing a conversation they had going from before.

BV: I'm telling you, Ion, we can't just send in a regiment of our boarders to help them with all their

IF: This is the first time that Shrike has ever asked me to help. Not even before, with that...debacle with that one
rouge member, did he call for help. It has to be serious.

BV: I don't like it. I bet he just wants to check out all our new equipment, that's why he's calling for such a large force.

They sit down at the table, and UBERJUMPER slumps heavily into the head chair. He leans forward and folds his hands
in front of his mouth.

UJ: All of you know why we're here. Shrike has called for help, and we have to decide to give it to him or not.

We cut to a left-side view of UBERJUMPER, looking over the table. FRITZ leans forward. He bows his head down
thoughtfully for a second, and then looks up at UBERJUMPER.

Fritz: With all due respect sir...

UJ: Yes?

Fritz: I think it's a hoax. While Shrike can be serious at times, to call for...what was it? 5,000 troops, both enlisted and
volounteered, seems a little extreme. After all, Hard Light has quite a sizable military of it's own, does it not?

DELPHY leans forward.

Delphy: They have about 100,000 volounteers, and are just beginning a centralized military force, the Forum Defense Force.
Initial estimates put head count around 500,000.

CEEJAYOZ shoots forward with a vigor, and slams his left hand down on the table.


He gestures wildly off into space with his right hand.

Ceejayoz: What in God's name are our 5,000 troops going to do to help?!

BLUEVORLORN sighs heavily, and folds his hands in front of his mouth, looking down at them. He looks back up.

Bluevorlorn: Quite a lot, apparantly.

CEEJAYOZ turns his head sharply toward BLUEVORLORN.

Ceejayoz: What do you mean?

Bluevorlorn: Shrike doesn't want us to take back the whole station. Just a small portion of it.

Ceejayoz: And that would be?

BV: The communications array.

Fritz: But why didn't he just tell us to use our own array?

BV: (Sighs again) Because he didn't want to risk the message being intercepted before it reached others. Besides, the Hard Light Array is much more powerful than ours.

CEEJAYOZ sits back down in his seat. He looks up at UBERJUMPER.

Ceejayoz: What do you think, Uber?

UBJERJUMPER pauses for a few seconds, deep in thought. He stirs a bit, then looks up.

UJ: Due to the fact that we cannot confirm that the message is authentic, and Shrike really needs our help, I have decided...

A few quick glances are exchanged.

UJ: That no aid will be sent to the Hard Light Forums, until further notice. Send a letter to Shrike with my deepest sympathies.

UBERJUMPER sighs once more, as if regretting this decision, and we fade to:
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This gets really exiting again :D
Habeeb it...


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CooL:yes: again:)
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I wish I had a little red flag for this thread, that shows when a new piece is added. Please look above for the story, if you haven't already seen it.


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ouch i was badly bruzed in the last installment of this story ;). iwonder if i am going to survive. thnks for great reading UT
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The Hard Light Array. Hehe.

(Like Jeeves would let anyone get even near it... :p)

Now, I don't really know anyone from Relicnews, so that last part was somewhat bland. But it's fun nonetheless. Nice work.
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