Author Topic: Trash belongs in the trash.  (Read 3229 times)

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Trash belongs in the trash.
Oh darn i thot you would    i think that all of them !!!

And now it's none of them
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When the destroyers came for us, we attacked. Never had we been defeated. They were like the others: strange, hideous, resisting, fighting. Only these were not like the others: They did not die. We made our first retreat. We could forego one system. We left it to the destroyers and went elsewhere. But they followed. They hunted us. They followed us when we retreated, discovered where we lived.
For a long time we did not know why they chased us. They were no ordinary enemy. They did not seek our territory, our technology, our resources.
Now we know our crime was sin.


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Trash belongs in the trash.
Oh my ****ing god.


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Trash belongs in the trash.
erhm, what happened here? I wonder...


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Re: Trash belongs in the trash.
Intelligent life may never know.