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tail flaps seem a bit too large. the old version looked front heavy, this one looks too balanced.


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Um, what? I just looked at the comparison shots. Those flaps look perfect.

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does anyone have working link with this?
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Unfortunately Hades seems to have lost the files, as have I. :(

EDIT: Actually, I will check my backups.
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Surely, lots of people have downloaded this ship by now. Even I have it, but I'm on an extremely crappy connection, so no chance of uploading anything for a few days :(
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I have a question. If Hades lost the file, does that mean it's currently not in a mediavps SVN (if such exists)? This seems a little dangerous.


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It is in the SVN
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Hi, I got the model working and it's almost perfect. One problem: my thrusters are HILARIOUSLY tiny. I'll post a pic if you need me too, but it's obviously not what's supposed to happen.

I installed the thruster ANI's as instructed.



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Open up the .tbm file provided in the download with notepad, after the line "$POF File:         Medusa.pof" paste the following two lines:
$Thruster Normal Flame:         thruster01
$Thruster Afterburner Flame:   thruster01a
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