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Crash in mission c1:04
The game crashes about a second after Sora asks how long the scan will take.

I'm using 3.6.16, and here's my fs2_open.log

If I've left out any important information, please don't hesitate to yell at me.


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Re: Crash in mission c1:04
Patches, etc:
1. Patch For Two Missing Textures!
Installation: Extract the vp file in the archive into the directory with everything else, pretend it's just another one of the main VPs, essentially.

2. Patch for EFF HeadAni usage CTD fix!
Extract into your <DE folder>/data. This package contains upated EFF headanis.

3. Stealth Mission Too Hard? Stronghold Too Hard?
Installation: Replace AW_Core.vp with the one in this package.

Get the second patch, if not all.

Re: Crash in mission c1:04

Get the second patch, if not all.
Already done, I'm going to try downloading the patch again, perhaps I got a corrupt copy.

Edit: That seems to have done it, thanks for the assistance =)
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