Author Topic: Strata3d: Anyone use it?  (Read 1418 times)

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Strata3d: Anyone use it?
Hi, I'm a total newbie to modelling, but recently, morris13 got the modelling bug to bite me...

Anyway, I've had this program I downloaded months ago called Strata3d (look for the base version. It's free.), and have no idea where to start. I did Max's tutorial, and it was really helpful for Blender, but Blender kept locking my system up (not to mention other little things I hated about it ), so I had to try another proggy. Now I can't figure this thing out, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make good ships with it. i.e., without all the sections overlapping causing problems in converting and whatnot.

So, to my question: Have any of you modellers ever used Strata3D? Heard of it even? Is it something I should bother to learn?


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