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FS2Open end-to-end install guide: Fedora 18
Hi all,

Just recently stumbled on this great project and I'm very much enjoying being back in the Freespace universe.
Initially I found it took a bit too much searching and reading to get my head around what was involved in getting FS2Open going on my PC running Fedora 18. Once I got the gist of the different bits to be pieced together, going through the guides for the the binaries, the launcher, the MediaVPs took longer than I'd liked. But the results are awesome and I'd like to thank all you contributors out there.

As a small contribution and to make the process a bit easier for Fedora users I've posted up a simplified end-to-end walkthrough of getting FS2Open going on Fedora 18.
The walkthrough is over at;

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Re: FS2Open end-to-end install guide: Fedora 18
Hey, nice work! Also...


One remark: lists only a couple mods, there's a (much!) more complete list on the FreeSpace Wiki.


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Re: FS2Open end-to-end install guide: Fedora 18
Agreed - nice guide :)

Just thought I'd mention that I've been using the OpenSuse Build Service to build fs2_open binaries for other distros, including Fedora 18.  (although I haven't got around to building 3.6.18 yet - need to get off my lazy behind and get that sorted!)  Anyway - here's the link to those binaries, the page includes details on setting up the appropriate repo as well.
Creating a fs2_open.log | Red Alert Bug = Hex Edit | MediaVPs 2014: Bigger HUD gauges | 32bit libs for 64bit Ubuntu
Debian Packages (testing/unstable): Freespace2 | wxLauncher
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Re: FS2Open end-to-end install guide: Fedora 18
Boy that list is out of date.


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Re: FS2Open end-to-end install guide: Fedora 18
Hey thanks!

I've amended the post to include  links to your pre-compiled binaries niffi and to the Wiki's campaigns & conversions lists as suggested.
And again, what an awesome project.