Author Topic: Looking for a database of recent models...  (Read 2561 times)

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Looking for a database of recent models...
Hey guys! I just finished reinstalling FSO and FSU after my hard drive's death resulted in the loss of my 5-year-old freespace installation directory. Luckily, I was able to find my old FS2 CD's  :D

Anyways, I noticed that the current release of the MVP's is quite old (2010), and that there is a significant number of revamped ship models released by the community in this very subforum since the last major release. I was wondering, is there a list of all of these post-2010 model releases, where I can download, say for example, the new Arcadia, Sathanas and Medusa models?



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Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
iirc most of the new retail model updates are being released in the next mediavp, any released models should be on . also is handy for finding out what mods are out there
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Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
I think he'd more likely after this thread though I'm not sure if it's 100% up to date.
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Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
 :yes: Thanks guys! I've found a bunch simply by browsing this subforum, I'll be sure to skim over these lists as well.

Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
I found the Typhon's thread:

but I can't find a download link. Anybody want to help me out?


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Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
nuTyphon is available in the FSPort MVPs.
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Re: Looking for a database of recent models...
Honestly, the easiest way is going to be to just browse the threads on the FSU board. You should be able to find anything that's been released in the first 2 or 3 pages.
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