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Journal + System Viewer Release (v1.1)
So when I showed the journal to mjn.mixael at first he was all like "must have" and then when I showed him the system viewer he was all like "must have TOO". So he just had to have both in his mod!

But anyway, I thought that the two went hand in hand pretty well, both allow people to explore the settings that the campaigns are in. So that's why this release includes 3 flavors. Journal Only, System Viewer Only and Journal + System Viewer. Each one is packed in its own mod folder so you can easily access which ones you want.

Download: Journal and System Viewer v1.1!

I setup documentation for the scripts on the wiki
The Journal
The System Viewer
I just haven't documented the imonitor script yet, but I think the config file is easy to understand enough if you look at it. The script's function is to redirect the player to the correct screens. With future main hall modding this might be unnecessary.

But feel free to ask any questions you might have or report encounter any crashes you might have.

Also if your text seems a little offset, try running a recent nightly. There was a bug fix to the string drawing function.

Here's the links to the preview posts and some preview videos!

System Viewer preview thread
Journal/Fluff viewer preview thread
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Re: Journal + System Viewer Release (v1.0)
DMCA! I didn't give you permission to use my video! I want royalties!
Cutscene Upgrade Project - Mainhall Remakes - Between the Ashes
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Between the Ashes is looking for committed testers, PM me for details.
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Re: Journal + System Viewer Release (v1.0)
DMCA! I didn't give you permission to use my video! I want royalties!
Oh dear. This is all Spoon's fault. Now we're going to have a compensation culture at HLP... :D

Axem will be looking for a pay rise next... :lol:


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Re: Journal + System Viewer Release (v1.1)
Small update to this

Fixes some text going missing if you have shorter resolutions than 768.
imonitor now looks for imonitor_[campaignfilename].cfg first to use for that campaign only, then imonitor.cfg for use in any other campaign.
Text now resets itself when you click on a new entry
Probably a few other small things I didn't mention

edit: Oh you can do stuff like have a ShortTitle for entries and just use the tab number to make them visible with jsv()

So if jsv('Important things and stuff', 'This is so awesome and wonderful') is over 32 chars you can just go

jsv(2,'awesome') provided that "This is so awesome and wonderful" has an entry called ShortTitle
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