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A couple questions about Universal Truth I
First: I keep getting a problem when the cutscene starts up (the first one, where the two superjuggernauts are arguing, before the attack starts). The screen fades to black, and then just...stays that way. Forever. I can apparently still fire my weapons, as the sounds play, and I can pause the game fine, which indicates to me that it's a FREDding thing -- the mission is still playing, but it's stuck in fade-to-black. It doesn't happen every time, and I think having time compression on might help, but I'm not sure.

Second: the mission's soundtrack, in the current (director's cut) version, is a song that I can't identify or locate. I would guess that maybe it's called Deus ex Machina, since that's what the lyrics are, but I don't know. The Steele Remix available in the mission simulator (which, by the way, is also subject to the fade-to-black issue) has a different one, a track called Machine. That one's on Youtube, where the description says that it's the soundtrack for Universal Truth. I'm guessing that it was the original track, but was replaced at some point by the Deus ex Machina one.

Anyway, I'd very much like to know what the song is and where to find it, because it's excellent.


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Re: A couple questions about Universal Truth I
Quote from: credits.tbl
Deus Ex Machina by Darren Leigh Purkiss and Stephen Baysted
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Re: A couple questions about Universal Truth I
Great, thanks.

...I really should have thought of looking at the credits.  :banghead:


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Re: A couple questions about Universal Truth I
I remember the fade to black being an issue with older versions of the mission.
Is this with the Alt-J to skip opening or without? Does firing to skip the opening dialogue bring the screen back from black?

Also try updating to the latest version of BP with the installer.

Re: A couple questions about Universal Truth I
Actually, I don't recall those options being present, although I think they were there in other missions of the campaign. Weird.

This should be the most recent version -- I used the installer, and that was only like a month or two ago, so unless new versions have been released really recently...