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hi there

im still playing Blue Planet Complete but original Freespaec 2 campaign and im in the final level

there's 3rd mod by pressing * ..

but there's no cockpit mod at all..isnt there cockpit mod for main freespace 2 campagin? if not
then what about other Blue Planet Campagin and other to use cockpit mod?

looks like nobody would like to help

thanx anyway

To use cockpit mod with other ships than retail you must create your own *-shp.tbm file and put these lines:

$Name: the name of the ship to add cockpit to (must be the same as in the tbl/tbm where the original ship is located)
$Cockpit POF file: the name of the cockpit.pof file (i don't remember so you'll have to take a look inside the cockpit.vp file)

Also for blue planet look at the bpcore.vp file for bp-shp.tbm to find the ship names

then you tbm file should be in yourmod/data/tables to be of any use

I wanted to do it for my personal use but I prefer without cockpit after testing it, so it's probably not worth it.