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Whats up with the main page
I see a section Standalone Games I click on view all expecting to see some standalone games
and I just get sent to the top of the page with a picture of a star treck ship I click on "to boldly go" and the page just reloads
the other picture says "unleash your hidden starfigher pilot"  I click the download now button and get sent to a page that says
You don't have permission to access /downloads/ on this server."


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Re: Whats up with the main page
The site is currently being moved to a new server. There's going to be a bit of wonkiness for a bit while the admins sort it all out.
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Re: Whats up with the main page
So I suppose all the wiki pages returning "Page not found. What’s worse, a hilarious 404 page can’t be found either." is caused by the server transfer as well? Or is that just me?


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Re: Whats up with the main page
Yup.  We have a team of special forces otters tracking down the wiki pages as we speak.

Re: Whats up with the main page
Also, the wiki has been subdomained. Go to now.
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