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Toggleable 'Mouse as a Joystick' Script: Community Edition (v1.0 Dec 10, 2021)
Release of Toggleable 'Mouse as a Joystick' Script: Community Edition
Custom script file for FSO that lets the player to toggle the mouse to act as a joystick in flight (Freelancer Style).
v1.0 (December 10, 2021)

TLDR: Release of stable community mouse script.

This script has been a community iterated project. The core ideas and movement methodology of the script first appeared on the wiki ( Then Sushi updated the script to use a single, hard-coded control ( I then updated the script to run on recent builds, use fewer global variables, use a bindable control key, account for some more edge cases, and fix multiple bugs.

This script can be toggled on-the-fly during a mission by pressing the key '(Multiplayer) Message All'. Alternatively, the player can also go to the controls configure menu and click the new check box that appears near the bottom of the screen. The Y-axis of the mouse can be set to be inverted or not in the control menu screen, too. The script takes into account your mouse sensitivity and draws a mouse cursor showing the magnitude and direction of mouse flight on the screen. I've set '(Multiplayer) Message All' key to my right mouse button, so I can toggle and fly with both modes of the mouse very quickly and seamlessly.

Download this files from and then place them in your data/tables folder. Then run the game! (For folks who have not downloaded from GitHub before: Right Click on the 'Raw' Button on that Git page, then click 'Save Link As'.)

Finally, I would be happy to answer any questions. Thank you again for Sushi and all the other folks who iterated on this script before myself.
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Re: Toggleable 'Mouse as a Joystick' Script: Community Edition (v1.0 Dec 10, 2021)
This is great, thank you!
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