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ORS TECH ENTRY #39a - Operation Mjolnir (Part 1)
Apologies, guys, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic, so it's taken me a while to get back to Exile story updates. Rest assured, I haven't abandoned this project. Mission edits are proceeding apace; I just about finished Mission 06, so almost a quarter done. Anyhoo, to get back to the business at hand....

Brought to you by popular demand, the next entry in the Exile: Into the Dark Waters Historical Database: Operation Mjolnir.

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Operation Mjolnir
    Striking First

In late 2367, after the Syndicate had made numerous secret preparations for war throughout the year, High Fleetmaster Glenzmann mobilized the entire Syndicate military for a new, third war with the Federation. This time, however, the Syndicate would be the one to strike the first blow. For several years the Federation had been struck by economic crisis and political turmoil, but it had begun to recover. The choice for the ORS was simple: either the ORS could make a preemptive strike from a position of strength now, or the Federation would rebuild its military power and start yet another war with the Syndicate in a few years anyway. Seeing no viable alternative, the Syndicate Magistratorium approved Operation Mjolnir, Glenzmann’s plan to preemptively strike the EFN.

Fleetmaster Tessandras and his BOD operatives had spent several years reconnoitering the defenses around Earth. After the Martian War, the Federation's strategy had been focused on defense rather than launching large offensives. Earth itself was protected by a barricade of warships, heavily armed installations and sentry guns. Meanwhile, several Praetor-class carriers were randomly patrolling near the EFN-ORS border ready to provide fighter and bomber support. If an offensive on Earth was to have any chance of succeeding, those carriers had to be tracked down and destroyed.

After years of effort, a BOD sleeper agent successfully advanced though the ranks in the EFN military hierarchy to become chief engineer on the EFCa
Praetorian. While undercover, he created an undetectable quantum network connected with other deep cover BOD agents operating on the EFCa Hadrianus and the EFCa Septimus. Through these agents’ efforts, the ORS was able to discover that all three battlecarriers were stationed at several rally points near Ceres.

On October 3, 2367, the agents sent their locations to the ORS via subspace micro-tunnels. The ORD
Thor, the ORD Sultan, and their battle groups jumped to the rally points and attacked the three EFN battlecarriers. During the battle, the quantum network was activated and a techno-virus sabotaged the jump drives and primary weaponry on all three battlecarriers. The ORS destroyed the battlecarriers and their escort ships, opening a path for a Syndicate offensive on the Inner Rim.

Operation Mjolnir was now in motion.

To be continued in...The Liberation of Mars!
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