Author Topic: Duplicate Ship entries in BPc 1.1.2  (Read 395 times)

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Duplicate Ship entries in BPc 1.1.2
Hi guys, so its been a while since i played Blueplanet and i decided to comeback to it. So i updated the game to 1.1.2 on knossos and admired the amazing visuals with the new mediavps. I did notice something in the tech database and FRED. There are a number of duplicated ship classes, some of which are the same ship and tech description, others are 2 different models but both have the same name.  ie the Karuna both have the same name, yet one is mk2. It just slightly confusing when scrolling through fred to find the right one. Also the Galen and Florence both have the same model, tech description and same weapon loadout. Are these meant to be like this or are you guys updating the tech descriptions? Or has my update some how screwed up?

Also can't wait to see if the Murugan turns up in any missions!

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