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The Battle Captains and Blue Planet Legacy on Knossos
Some background: the developer of BP2: The Battle Captains (TBC) disappeared before Knossos was a thing. Someone else took it upon themselves to upload it to Knossos and set Blue Planet Complete as a dependency. Unfortunately, TBC need the Legacy Blue Planet 1 and Blue Planet 2... BPC simply doesn't have the required assets. And Blue Planet Legacy is not available on Knossos/Nebula. I have gotten my hands on a copy of the Legacy (pre-"complete") Blue Planet 1 & 2. I slotted those in and, yes, I it fixes many of the issues TBC was experiencing (though i cant say it fixes them all).

So here are the salient facts:

  • Legacy Blue Planet is not on Knossos.
  • The Battle Captains, in it's current form, requires Legacy Blue Planet.
  • I do not (yet) have the skill, time, or interest to rework the entire mod to work with Blue Planet Complete.

Therefore, I see two options:

  • Bundle Legacy Blue Planet into The Battle Captains
  • Upload Legacy Blue Planet to Nebula/Knossos and put a warning in the description that it's only there to resolve dependencies in old mods and players should use Blue Planet Complete for actual play.[/l1]
This is why i'm making this a new topic... the implications go well beyond TBC. Let me also state that ngld intends for NuKnossos (the Knossos re-write that's currently in progress) to have a tags system... which means, as a separate mod on Knossos, Legacy Blue Planet could be set to be hidden by default as a "Modder's Resource". On the other hand there is roughly zero chance of Legacy Blue Planet ever seeing an update of any kind.

I'd like to hear what the BP team thinks about this.
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Re: The Battle Captains and Blue Planet Legacy on Knossos
Man, I dunno.

Re: The Battle Captains and Blue Planet Legacy on Knossos
I'm thrilled this campaign has been resurrected from the deep places of the Earth.