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Welcome back!  And yes, I'm still bored.  :D

i just found these comics and they are awesome. I didn't know HLP has a marketing division.

Colonol Dekker:
Apparantly he's on hiatus re: provision of new content. :nod:

Pyro MX:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand since it's the new year, how about some comcis?

RoadSign #60

Now, before some people jumps to conclusions, here's the context of this strip. There's been a lot of heat recently about UI design in the Linux workspace, and one thing I really hate is when somebody comes with a bulldozer and go over all my workspace to tell me I was not working correctly. UI design is an essential part of software design, true. I am not against change, but I am certainly not in favor of completely replacing workspaces for the sake of efficiency. And there is a simple reason for that: we are not machines. We need time (sometimes a lot) to adapt, and changing the whole workspace one one shot can frustrate more than help.

A good UI designer knows how to make a UI evolve smoothly and if the new UI is amazing, the user should realize it when working with it. Not by reading design documents that says so. There are UI designers who are able to do that - a lot more than we may think. This is just a little critique  :p. Please remember the users when designing your UIs!

EDIT: In your face, Dekker!  :p

Heh, the MS ribbon springs to mind...


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